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30. јун 2014.

Kirsten Collins: Don't stop on your surface beauty, dig through your heart!

Connect with Kirsten

So, I told that next post will be the most special so far and that I'm very excited and happy for that. I told also I can't even believe it, well and how I could?! :D I got in touch with Kirsten Collins and did an interview with her!

Kisten is girl who have an amazing voice! I'm simply thrilled with her, and you will be if you haven't already. She has released several songs, some of them are Hi-FiveDon't Let Go, (which I'm obsessed), One (which I'm obsessed, too) and the next one is Pretty Face (which I will obsessed), lol. She won Miss Teen Calgary World 2012 and starred in the film Rust 2010.  I asked her about new song, where she finds inspiration, about beauty tips, etc. Enjoy!

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